What is One In A Cillian?

Work Process

OIAC aims to create the most desirable NFT on the WAX Blockchain

The token will be a very simple geographic theme with names of countries and their respective cities.

  • Country collections by continent

  • Elegant, timeless design

  • Number of tokens minted will be determined by how many Cillians there are in the population.

The number of tokens will be determined by how many Cillians there are in the population. No not how many people named Cillian. A Cillian is a number derived from the name and is precisely 489.888. We hope that one day it will become part of our vocabulary in the same way as we use a hundred or a thousand.

Why should you choose OIAC?

Whether you are a first time investor in NFTs or you already have a growing collection, OIAC is the perfect addition to your wallet.

Universal Access

New to NFTs? It’s easy! Simply create a WAX CLOUD WALLET (WCW). With just a username and password or even your social media account like Twitter, Facebook or Reddit. In just two clicks you can start buying, selling and trading OIAC NFTs.

Instant Liquidity

Unlike real world collections, NFTs offer instant liquidity with no transport, handler or broker fees to eat into your profit.

Safe & Secure

OIAC is created and published on the WAX blockchain. Authenticity of the asset is instantly verified, offering you peace of mind.

WAX is carbon neutral

Not only has WAX solved the environmental issues presented by NFTs minted on Ethereum, it also has an environmental mindset and is taking action to erase their carbon footprint.

The Timeline


team member
Cillian Maye – CEO

Having worked in information security since 2013, I’ve seen the landscape change and believe that future generations will value digital assets in the same way that past generations valued physical ones. Sustainability is a real passion and I take pride in finding solutions, both in my personal and professional life, with sustainability at the heart of them. The NFT offerings on the WAX Blockchain offer collectors such an elegant solution, which I want to share with the wider investment community who may still be looking for some education in the crypto world. OAIC will offer the gateway and make it as simple as possible to take the first steps in to the exciting world of NFTs.